And even more yoga…

And even more yoga…

It seems to be a recurring thing in my life at the moment. Yoga. And what do I do when I want to learn more? I take a course! So after four weeks of being in a complete yoga bubble I am back in reality again (or still in the illusion if I listen to our yoga philosophy teacher).

What is this yoga training?
The course I took was the 200 hour intensive Yoga Teacher Training. It is a four week long course for people who want to deepen the yoga knowledge or those who want to start teach and share yoga to others. And is called intensive training for a reason. The days are scheduled from early morning to evening. Along with two classes per day practicing postures on the mat, the course also includes lectures in anatomy, yoga philosophy, how to align and adjust the postures, and lots of other miscellaneous things that are relevant. On top of this we also have weekly assignments for getting a bit hands on with practicing to teach yoga classes. That is, I spent the free time in the evenings learning and creating sequences, memorizing Sanskrit names for postures and trying to get the cueing short and clear.

Information overload and traditional Swedish dance
The overall experience is hard to describe in a few words, it sure has been quite a journey in many ways. Getting a massive amount of information, meeting new amazing people (both teachers and fellow students) and being challenged both physically and personally. We have all both laughed and cried in the yoga hall and will leave with many new experiences and memories. I can also add to my resume that I have guided an international group of people in doing the traditional Swedish dance The Little Frogs (“SmÃ¥ grodorna”) at Midsummer Eve in a yoga shala in India.

“If you learn something new every day, you can teach something new every day.”
/Martha Stewart

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