At the Indian dentist

At the Indian dentist

How much do you trust health care in other countries? Completely, not at all, or something in between? Do you have an idea that the medical and dental care in your country is the best you can get and you would not trust anyone else? Whatever believe you have, I recommend to challenge yourself sometimes, it might just widen your views a bit. I know I just did.

Time for status check
No need to worry, there is no problem with my teeth. But several weeks ago I got an invitation from my dentist back home saying it was time for my regular checkup. As I will probably not be back in Sweden for a couple of months more, I decided to do a check of my teeth where I am. India has a high quality of dental care at a low cost compared to Sweden so why not take the opportunity? I decided to take a chance and go to a local dentist.

When you just know it is a good place
After googling after a dentist in the area I made an appointment via email. The reply was quick and with a proper English; so far so good. The clinic was a bit hidden away but not too hard to find. Outside the door was a couple of stray dogs resting in the afternoon, I took that as another good sign. And from the moment I opened the door, I just new this was a place I could trust. The clinic was small but very clean, I heard beautiful mantra music playing on a low volume from the treatment room and the dentist nurse greeted me with a smile and confirmed my reservation before she asked me to wait for a bit. If I was slightly nervous before, I was completely relaxed when I sat down to wait for my turn. Everything went well and after both checkup and cleaning both me and my teeth are very happy.

“You don’t have to brush all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep.”

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