Autumn days in Sweden

Autumn days in Sweden

Every season has its charm they say. And I believe that is true, at least to some extent. Autumn can be a lovely time but mid-October is usually the time of year I want to leave Sweden. This year it was the time I choose to travel here. Life really does move in mysterious ways!

The trees are on fire
No, they are not actually on fire. At least not now. Sweden had some big forest fires this summer due to the very hot and dry summer but now it is just autumn and the trees are changing colors into yellow and orange in the regular annual way. And it is beautiful! Being able to walk in the forest and breath the fresh air while listening to the silence is one of the few things I have missed being away. Coming back to Sweden I was blissed with some lovely days with clear blue skyes and beautiful weather and another highlight for me was visiting the the ocean close to Gothenburg and just sit there for a bit.

Darkness and light
No, not darkness as something bad or evil. It is just that as we move into winter there is a lot less daylight around at this time of the year. And for some reason, that I still have not seen a logic explanation of, we also juggle a bit with time at this part of the year. Sweden and Europe change to winter time the last weekend in October. Funnily enough this shift things so that it gets darker an hour earlier in the afternoon. Some say that the winter time is the normal or standard time but I have always said that this is just a matter of definition as time (as in using a clock) is a man made concept anyway. Currently the EU is discussing to have one time all year around and that summer time till be the standard to follow, I am crossing my fingers that this will happen. And in parallel, a small part of me is looking forward to sit inside with a blanket over my legs and a cup of tea in my hands lighting some candles to spread some light in the dark.

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”
/Albert Camus

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