Back to Koh Phangan

Back to Koh Phangan

It is mid July and except for six weeks that I spent in Nepal I have been in India since late November las year. No wonder that it felt a bit strange and nostalgic to leave. But I will be back some day, I am sure of that!

We have met before!
Thailand was not really on my radar just a few weeks ago but suddenly things just lined up and I decided to go back to an island where I have been before – Koh Phangan. Last year in February I was here for some beach time and a meditation retreat. Arriving with the ferry I was happy to feel the island vibe again. Meeting me at the pier was also friend and yoga teacher I got to know in Dharamsala. It was lovely to see her again but a bit unreal to meet in a new location. I stayed with her in her beautiful house for a few days before I got my own lovely little bungalow (picture).

Beach time!
No matter how much I loved being in the Himalayas it feels wonderful to be on the beach again. The weather is a little bit on and off but my first days in the island was lovely. Clear blue skyes, white sand beaches and a very warm ocean. Sometimes it does not take much to be happy. And after hearing about the warm summer in Sweden (and all over Europe) I was really happy to get a bit of sun on my Himalaya-pale legs. So now I have beach, sunshine m, a house and both two legged and four legged friends. I think I will just stay here for a bit…

“Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.”
/William S. Burroughs

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