Beach time!

Beach time!

I guess it would be odd to be in Thailand and not visit the beach. After all, beautiful beaches is something that Thailand is famous for. And I do like a nice beach! So after having spent about a month in the northern parts of the country (where the only swimming was made in a cave with an estimated water temperature of 17-18 degrees) I look forward to some relaxed days with warm water, sunshine and a good book.

Delayed flight
My plan was to take the two hour flight from Chiang Mai to Hua Hin were I would meet up with a friend for dinner. But at the airport, waiting at the gate, I was informed that my flight was cancelled. So the two hour flight was instead turned into an extra hotel night in Chiang Mai, a flight from Chiang Mai to Bangkok the following day and a four hour journey in a minibus to Hua Hin. I arrived in Hua Hin almost 24 hours later that planned. Luckily I have plenty of time at the moment. And there was still time for dinner and a chat.

Koh Pha Ngan – not only full moon parties
After a few days in Hua Hin I have travelled further south to the island Ko Pha Ngan. The island may be most famous for its full moon party every month. And half moon party, and jungle party, and waterfall party, … You get it, it is a party island. But that is not all there is. And that is certainly not what I want. Being a fairly large island it has got plenty of beautiful beaches with a more relaxed setting. For example the quiet and not so crowded Bottle Beach in the picture. It is time for some lazy days under the sun!

“Sunshine is my favourite accessory.”

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