Best restaurant in Kathmandu?

Best restaurant in Kathmandu?

Kathmandu is the biggest city in Nepal and it is quite busy. The tourist area Thamel is packed with both western and local restaurants and it is a jungle sometimes to decide where to eat. But one day I did not even have to choose, the most wonderful food just kind of came to me.

Back in the city
I have left the peacefulness and clean air in Pokhara and the mountains and am back in dusty Kathmandu. Actually I am on my way out from Nepal but something tells me it is not the last time I am here. At least I hope not. There are just too many good things here to stay away from; the stunning mountains, the amazingly friendly people and the good food. Being back in the city reminds me that I have not written so much about either Kathmandu or Boudhanath where I also have spent some time. But then, I do not write about everything I do… What I will give you now is a photo of the Boudhanath stupa (one of the largest stupas in the world) and the story from Kathmandu below.

How to find a hidden restaurant
In Nepal, people live where they work a bit more than we do in the west. So I was not surprised when I was in the supermarket yesterday to buy toothpaste and saw the whole family eating their lunch at the cash desk. That is just how it is. However the food looked very good. Nothing fancy, just a regular Nepali meal with chapati, vegetables and chickpeas, but it just looked well made, almost homemade. I had an impulse and asked if the food was from a restaurant nearby. Five minutes later one of the girls in the supermarket hade taken me around the building, two floors up in a house that definitely did not have a sign for a restaurant (see main post photo) and into the kitchen of a lovely Nepali “food mama”. Suddenly I found myself sitting on a stool in the kitchen having an amazing meal while chatting with two Nepali men (the food mama did not speak English) about yoga, trekking and the decline in clients for their shipping business since the earthquake in 2015. Probably one of the best lunch experiences I have had in my life!

“If you plan everything in your life, it means you’ll never experience something unexpected.”

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