Border crossing

Border crossing

After having spent almost four months in India the time has come to move on. For a bit at least. Because India has been a great experience so far and there are still more to explore. But until next time, so long India and see you later!

Indian trains
Nothing is both so easy and challenging as traveling by train and bus in India. The good thing is that, thanks to the British influence, India has a very good network of railways all over the country. And the trains take you from point A to point B for a very good price. The challenge is that you can never be certain if the train departs or arrives on time. It just is how it is. And the locals are prepared! When taking a train they always seem to take everything with ease, they pull out their blanket to sleep for a while or unpack some snacks to eat while waiting. No need to stress, just go with the flow. My train up north was supposed to depart 00:25 AM but the time was 03:45 AM when we stared to move. But by then I had already been on the train sleeping for an hour.

Varanasi to Nepal
So I decided to visit Nepal. There are flights to Kathmandu of course but from Varanasi there are no direct flights and it is quite expensive. So I decided to take an overland trip instead. This is not an uncommon route for tourists traveling between the two countries but it is not a direct one. First I took the night train from Varanasi to Gorakhpur in India. Gorakhpur is not an interesting place in itself but it is where the bus leaves to the border town of Sunauli. And if a train station is quite distinct, a bus stop is not always that. See my backpack and yoga mat at the picture above waiting at a random place along the road where locals pointed me to wait. The bus came and I spent a few hours on that one before arriving to Sunauli where I could get an exit stamp from India and a visa for Nepal in my passport.

“Stay patient and trust your journey.”

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