Code Red: Life as a landlord

Code Red: Life as a landlord

What is the downside of renting out my apartment while traveling? What is something breaks down when I am far away? How can I solve things from another country? This are thoughts that have been hiding in my mind. But luckily I was in Gothenburg when I got a text…

Fire in the kitchen stove
An evening last week I got a text from the tenants in my apartment saying that they just had an incident in the kitchen. I saw the message just before I was about to switch off the light to go to sleep. A few minutes later we had talked on the phone and I knew more about the story. While cooking on the stove they had heard a cracking sound, like a small explosion, and then they had seen eld flames underneath the ceramic glass. After quickly moving and unplugging the entire stove unit, the fire had stopped and all was calm again. Except for the stove that was more like just dead.

I am so lucky
What if this had happened when I was on the other side of the world in meditation retreat without access to my phone? But it didn’t. It happened an evening when I was in my hometown Gothenburg and had nothing special planned for the next days. So it was easy for me to sort the situation the following day and buy a new stove. And I had tenants that were able to handle the situation in the best way possible. My tenants were also beautifully patient while having to wait a few days for the new unit to be delivered. They even offered me cinnamon buns while I was in the apartment waiting for the delivery. How lucky I am!

“Coincidence is God’s way if remaining anonymous.”
/Albert Einstein

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