Embracing creativity

Embracing creativity

As children most people are quite creative and love playing around with colors and/or different materials. At least I know I was. But somehow someway this usually get pushed aside when “more important” things, like education, work and daily tasks, takes over. Now I ask myself, what can be more important than to play around a bit?

Making knots
When I was in Dharamsala in India there were lots of small shops selling macramé jewelry and having workshops for the tourists. I thought about it a several times but I never got around to take a workshop when I was there. But before I left I took the opportunity to buy a few rolls of thread and had the idea that I could learn a bit by myself with some help from my good friend YouTube. After all, the thread was really cheap and it’s not really Quantum Physics to make some knots. I started a little bit but then the rolls of thread started to collect dust in my closet. Until one day when I suddenly felt like doing something. So I made a necklace. Just for fun!

The lamp project
Things got even more creatively fun when I decided to remake a lamp that my friend had in her yoga space. One reason I did this is that while living here I have gotten a lot of inspiration from my artistic neighbor on the island. (She makes the most amazing dream catchers!) And I knew I could get access to both space and material in her workshop. When I started, I had no idea how this would turn out. But the original lamp was old and quite dusty and dirty so I was quite certain that it could not be worse… In the picture below I have just started to take the old fabric off.

And a few days later it had been transformed into something like a wedding cake for angels. A really magical lamp for one lovely Kundalini yoga teacher. And I had so much fun making it! I think I just made my inner child quite happy.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”
/Albert Einstein

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