Exploring spirituality

Exploring spirituality

Ubud in Bali is a place full of different new things to explore if you want to try something new. It has a very large yoga community with all yoga types you can imagine; hatha, bikram, ashtanga, kundalini, pranayama, yin, etc. But there are also classes in some things that I have never tried before. And why not take the opportunity when you are in the middle of it? So I went out there to explore a bit.

Shamanic Breathwork
Shamanic breathwork is described as a powerful healing process that inspires individuals to remember and reconnect with their own inner healer. The way it worked was that all people in the class lay down on a mat with their eyes closed and the leader described what will happen something like “-Think as your yoga mat as a flying mat and your breaths are the engine, and when the music let you go you can fly away wherever the mind will take you”. Then there is drums, some chanting, music in the speakers, the beat is becoming faster and faster and suddenly… off you go!

Experience: Honestly, I did not know what to expect and it did feel a bit weird at the beginning of the class. But I guess there is no point in exploring if you don’t commit. So off I went! The music actually did take my mind to a few different places, some of them quite emotional. This was quite an experience, I might have to try it again.

Sound Healing
Sound healing is the process by which participants play or listen to live or recorded sounds, in order to have a positive experience, which they may subjectively report as physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual, or a combination thereof. This activity also included laying down on a yoga mat with your eyes closed (one of my favourite positions I think). Five musicians played a range of different instruments while two vocalists joined in every now and then. The different kind of sounds are supposed to work in a healing way for both body and mind.

Experience: I loved this. It is so nice and relaxing to just lay there an listen to a whole range of different soft sounds in harmony. And the singing was beautiful. It is hard to tell if the healing did a good job on me or not but I sure did feel a bit more happy and relaxed walking out from the class.

“It is not your history but your presence on the mat that matters.”
/Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois

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2 thoughts on “Exploring spirituality

  1. love to read about these new experiences. good on you continuing to try new things! hope you are well.

  2. Åh vad jag önskar att vi hade varit där samtidigt! Jag älskade Ubud och Yogabarn! Så härligt att läsa om hur du njuter av livet! Kram på dig!

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