Forest life (again)

Forest life (again)

Not sure if this will be an recurring pattern but I am setting out into the Swedish forest again. And I will be volunteering again. It is amazing how many possibilities there are out there to discover not only other countries but also your own. I feel lucky to have some more time to go exploring.

Autumn is coming
After a summer with rather average temperatures in Sweden but without any real warm weather (the highest reported temperature of 28 degrees is “the lowest highest temperature” since 1922) the temperature is now becoming even cooler. Clouds and rain is increasing and the temperatures are dropping. As I am again longing for warmer weather, wearing flip flops and feel the sun on my face, I am dreaming away to future destinations. But for now, I have decided to stay in Sweden a bit longer.

Tree houses in Värmland
I arrived recently to the place where I will stay for the coming week, maybe two weeks if it all works out well. I took the train from Gothenburg to the forests of Värmland where I was picked up by my host at the train station. This place is a small forest “hotel” suitable for people who get excited about living in a tree house, a hobbit house or a yurt for a few nights. And who cannot be excited about that? It is like when you were a child playing around pretending to be an adventurer. And why should we stop playing when we grow up?

“And into the forest I go, to loose my mind and find my soul.”

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