Forest life

Forest life

Since I enjoy nature and am exploring a bit this year, I thought that I would try to live a different life for a while. A life far from a city, an office and even quite far from what we generally call normal civilization.

A place in the forest
As I mentioned in earlier posts I am volunteering again. This time it is at a small house/organic farm in the forest outside of LaxÄ. The house was originally a summer cabin but it has been rebuilt and is now the residence of a small but very strong German woman who is creating her own space here. The house got electricity about eighteen months ago and is not connected to the public water and sanitation system. Living here is a quite different from having a modern apartment in the city. Some people cannot imagine living like this, some people see it as the best place on earth. How fortunate that we are all different.

My job(s)
What I am helping out with here is a mix of different things (my host has a long todo list somewhere). So far I have been picking strawberries, made strawberry jam, cleaned out the old turkey house, mounted mosquito net at a door, acted as IT-support and extended the plot for growing vegetables. I am also trying my best to keep a good friendship with the two dogs and the cat, but that comes pretty natural and cannot be regarded as work in any way. Living with someone like this has could be strange if you don’t connect with the host, but luckily mine is pretty awesome and we are having a good time together. I like it here.

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”
/Audrey Hepburn

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