Ghosts of the mind

Ghosts of the mind

Have you ever given yourself the time to think about some of your fears and what they really are? During my solo biking and camping trip through Sweden, several persons asked me if I wasn’t afraid and said that they would never camp alone in the forest. But confronted with my question of why they felt like that, many of them did not know what they were actually scared of.

Another great experience
Before discussing any fears I am letting you know that I have finished my volunteering outside LaxÄ and I had a great time there. Lots of hard work but also relaxing trips to a lake and playing with the wonderful dogs (I miss them!). The last night at the house I also widened my perspectives when joining some local women on a drumming session. The summer night was bright, the bonfire kept the mosquitoes away and the rhythmic sound of the shamanic drums filled the atmosphere. What a magical way to end a good experience.

Alone in the forest
The top things people mention that the would be afraid of in the forest are: 

  1. Wolf and bear. The truth is that (in Sweden) a wolf has not killed a person in the wild since 1821, and for bear there are only two fatal attacks in the last hundred years. 
  2. A bad person. First, the likelihood of someone finding my camp site is very low (Sweden has a lot of forest). And second, the likelihood that a person seeing my tent is a bad person is also very low (if I was aggressive and looking for a person to assault, the wilderness would not be my starting point in search of a victim).

Concluding the above, my logical mind tells me that there is not any large danger of camping alone in the forest. Does this mean that I always feel comfortable? Of course not… But I have learned that the scariest thing for me in this situation is my own imagination. My mind is my own worst enemy. But it is also the tool in overcoming the fear.

“A witch ought never be frightened in the darkest forest… because she should be sure in her soul that the most frightening thing in the forest was her.”
/Terry Pratchet

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