Greece? No… But beautiful Edinburgh!

Greece? No… But beautiful Edinburgh!

Sometimes things happen quickly and after a quick breakdown wondering what to do next in my life I booked a small trip. And just a few days later, me and my mum was in Edinburgh!

Where to go next?
Since I came back to Sweden I have thought a bit about where to go from here. You know, big questions like “What do I want to do when I grow up?” Sometimes my mind is full of ideas and sometimes it is remarkably blank. Having no ideas racing around in the head can be surprisingly comfortable! But every now and then I need to stretch my comfort zone a bit to test some ideas. This trip was such a thing. I combined a trip to a place I wanted to see with doing something fun with my mum and checking out the University of Edinburgh at their open day at the same time. Even though the university seems excellent I will not jump on that train, at least not now. But I am super happy that I took the trip anyway!

Edinburgh is lovely!
I have never really been in Scotland but have been wanting to see more of the UK for a while. Even though this was a shorter trip (Monday to Friday) and we only explored the city of Edinburgh I really liked it. Edinburgh is a city that is not to big, has beautiful old buildings and during our visit we were also blessed with clear skies and sunshine. Without stressing around me an mum covered quite a lot… Edinburgh Castle, a guided tour of Mary King’s Close, Edinburgh Museum, Carlton Hill, a lovely view from the Nelson monument, National Gallery, Surgeon’s Hall and of course walking along Royal Mile and Princess Street. And of course, our favorite, the National Museum of Scotland. A modern, well made museum where we went twice but only managed to cover a bit more than the first floor out of three. So maybe I need to come back here some day.

“Wherever I wander, wherever I rove, the hills of the Highlands forever I love.”
/Robert Burns

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