House sitting in Kuala Lumpur

House sitting in Kuala Lumpur

So what do you do when you are on the road travelling and miss a home, a pet and want to cut some living costs? That is three requests in one… How can this be done? It might not seem obvious from the top of your head but these requests are fully possible to combine. Go for some house sitting!

House sitting is really a win-win
So what is house sitting? Basically it is very easy. A home owner (and often also pet owner) need to be away for some time and would appreciate that a person looked after their home while away. At the same time there are people who would like to change their surroundings a bit and are prepared to move in and take care of things in exchange for free accommodation. There are several sites available on the internet and a house sitting job can be for only a few days or extend to several months.

Rosie and I
About a year ago I discovered that there is quite a big market out there for house sitting. I could not have imagined by then that I currently get to stay several nights in a luxury villa with pool in Kuala Lumpur. I stay here for free in exchange for that I take care of the sweet little dog Rosie. I also had some inspiring talks with the wonderful family who lived in this villa. They are cool people and I wish them all the best on future adventures.

So I guess I managed to fulfil all three requests and get some new friends along the way. Not a bad deal I would say!

Rosie with her favourite toy.

“Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures.”
/Lovelle Drachman

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