House sitting in Stockholm and veggie inspiration

House sitting in Stockholm and veggie inspiration

So what to do when it is cold and dark in Sweden and I already miss the feeling of a small adventure? Well, as a school holiday was coming up I sent out a question if anyone wanted some help with taking care of house and pets. And I got a reply from a favorite place!

Chilling with wonderful friends
For the house sit I traveled to a place just north of Stockholm. I already knew the house, the people and the dogs so I kind of felt at home immediately. Me and the dogs took long walks, played in the back yard, chilled out in the sofa and shared bed during the nights. How lovely it is to sleep in a pack! After some days with just me and the dogs, my two legged friends who also live in the house came home from their trip. It is so nice to meet good friends again and I stayed a few extra days just to spend time with some really nice people.

Veggie inspiration and more friends
On my way up to the house sit I noticed an ad on the local bus for an event with a vegan food fair in Stockholm. So I added this to my itinerary and went there for a day to have a look. If you live in Sweden (or if you are interested anyway) the name of the fair was “Vegovision” and it was really inspirational. A reasonably sized space with some high quality products and lots of things to taste. At the event I also met up with two other friends and we had a good time and some great talks.

“Good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them but you know they are there.”

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