Immodium, Bangkok, beads and Sweden

Immodium, Bangkok, beads and Sweden

Bangkok is not a place I have been in for many years and I planned to only stay here for one full day before catching my flight. But leaving the city I kind of felt that was a bit short. If I come back someday I need to remember to stay a bit longer to explore a bit more.

Belly bubble
But backing in time a bit, I left Koh Phangan to travel up to Bangkok. It is about a twelve hour journey, first with ferry to the mainland and then bus for many hours to the big city. Usually I kind of like these travel days as it is a good opportunity to reflect on what has happened so far and what is coming up. But this time I got some kind of belly bug the day before and went through a quite extensive purging process in the afternoon. But after taking some Chinese medicine that I got from a friend and topping that with Immodium (better safe than sorry) I slept well through the night and felt quite confident to start the journey. Everything went well and I ended up in a small but very clean room in Bangkok in the evening.

Walking around in Bangkok
I had no real plan for my day in Bangkok so I decided to just enjoy the beautiful weather and walk around a bit. My accommodation was just north of Kao San Road so it was just a short walk down to the river.

I took the boat down to China town to just have a look and maybe buy a few gifts. My creative neighbor on Koh Phangan had given me the recommendation to go and check out a bead shop so I went there. Words cannot explain how many ideas that went through my mind when walking into that shop. And everything was neatly stacked and organized. What a paradise! It was probably good that I had neither a lot of Thai money left nor a lot of space in my bag…

And then, after a day in Bangkok I packed my bags and left. Goodbye Thailand and hello Sweden… I know, it is a bit unexpected to travel back to Sweden in October, especially since I don’t really have a plan or a reason for it. But somehow it just felt right. Maybe the Universe has a plan that I will learn more about in a while. 😉

“I am choosing happiness over suffering, I know I am. I’m making space for the unknown future to fill up my life with yet-to-come surprises.”
/Elisabeth Gilbert

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