India: first 24 hours

India: first 24 hours

I have heard so many stories about India before I came here. The trend seem to be that the people who have been here are excited for me and give me some good advices, and the people who have not been here are more worried and see danger in every corner. I choose to listen to the people who have travelled here already.

Strangers in the night
My flight arrived to Goa and India just after mignight. Since it was late and dark in a place unfamiliar to me I had pre-booked pickup and transportation to my B&B for the first night. Everything was in order and I was happy to see a man with my name on a sign after passing through customs. Not sure I can say I was that happy about his driving though. But he took me to the right place in one piece, maybe that was enough. The last mission before bed was to let my family know that I had arrived safely. But it was 2 AM and I had no internet access. Luckily there was two fellow travelers sitting and chatting a few rooms away from me, one of them shared internet on his phone with me. Perfect!

A soft start
My first day here was quite slow. I did not sleep well, I guess both due to jet lag and having a serious cold. Had a late breakfast and some more sleep. Took a walk to the beach. Met some cows on the road. Saw a woman emptying a garbage bin full of glass in a corner of the beach, interesting choice of place. Walked back, met more cows and then had a relaxing pedicure and made my winter pale toes a bit prettier. No point in rushing into things. More adventures are ahead.

Friends on the road

“India has hundreds of problems and millions of solutions.”
/Kailash Satyarthi

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