Leaving Koh Phangan, and good friends…

Leaving Koh Phangan, and good friends…

The time has come where it is time for me to leave the island. I have been here for three months and my visa is expiring so I need to get out of the country. In other words, time to say goodbye.

Traveling solo doesn’t mean I am alone
Many people have asked me if it is not lonely to travel by myself. First I can just comment and say that if I had a partner or a very good friend to travel with, I would probably do that. To have someone to share the longer journey with would be amazing. But until then…, I meet new friends along the road! There are so many wonderful travelers or long term expats out there and if I want some company there is usually always people to hang out with. Some people I spend just a little bit of time with and some I get to know better. And by living in the same place for three months I got to know three really strong and amazing women.

The radiant Kundalini teacher Devi who I met the first time in Dharamsala. She picked me up at the ferry when I arrived to the island and on this picture she is about to drop me off before I leave.
Louise is another wonderful yoga teacher and energy healer who arrived to the island shortly after me. Here we are on an adventure visiting a beach on the other side of the island.
Maggi (to the left) is an incredible artist who has lived in Thailand for twelve years. She was my neighbor and we shared many interesting talks. And the love for dogs. In the middle is Khun Mae, my sweet landlady, we could not understand the words we spoke but smiling is international.

While traveling alone I have probably met more new friends and gotten to know more people than I would have if I stayed at home. What I also learn is that everything changes and people will always come and go in my life. And a goodbye doesn’t have to be a sad “farewell” but rather a grateful “thank you”.

“If you are always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be.”
/Maya Angelou

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