On the road – danger

On the road – danger

After five months in South East Asia I wanted to make a small sum-up of some things; this is part one of two for this sum-up.

Some might ask: “-But isn’t it dangerous to travel in South East Asia? And alone?” Well, I guess travelling is for sure not always smooth and with time things can happen along the road. So I made a small list of things I have been exposed during five months of travel. Beware, it is quite a long list. This is how absolutely crazy things can be…

31 Jan: My flight from Chiang Mai to Hua Hin got cancelled. The airline people handled the situation and I was put in a hotel overnight and was rescheduled for next day. After that everything went fine.

2 Feb: I forgot my phone charger at hotel room in Hua Hin. Luckily I had just changed hotel in the same city so I called the first hotel and could go and collect the charger the following day.

21 Feb: I lost 2000 Bath (510 SEK/58 USD) while walking to the bus ticket office in Koh Pha Ngan. Don’t ask me how this happened, I had the money in my pocket and when I came to the ticket office 100 m away they were gone. Most likely they fell out when I took something else up from my pocket. Very bad.

24 Feb: My favourite bra was forgotten drying at the balcony at the hotel room Koh Pha Ngan. As I stayed in this place with a friend that was going back to Sweden, she could take care of it. I will get it back when in Sweden again.

1 March: A local man on the street of Melacka said good morning and showed me his penis. He was completely harmless and I was more surprised than intimidated. Men seem to be so much more fascinated by their thing that women are.

6 March: I forgot my fleece jacket on the bus when arriving to Cameron Highlands. Not a good thing to forget my one and only warm sweater when in one of the few colder places on my trip. Fortunately this was the end station of the bus and when I came down to the station about two hours after arrival that had already found the fleece so I could get it back.

29 March: I lost my phone charger (again…), this time in Langkawi. Luckily (again!) I had dropped it when rearranging my stuff just at the dog shelter were I worked. A nice colleague found it and I got it back later same day.

16 April: Had a short session of food poisoning in Ubud. Woke up with a strange feeling in my stomach, spent a few hours at the toilet in the middle of the night but was fine the day after.

20 April: A monkey jumped on my back as I was walking through Monkey Forest in Ubud. It jumped on me because I ate banana chips walking through the forest. You are not supposed to eat there! I lured it away from me with some chips as a decoy and still got to keep most of mine.

5 May: The end of the sidepiece on my sunglasses came off. A bit sad as I really like these sunglasses. But they were cheap and I can still wear them so they will follow me for a bit longer anyway. This is not the first thing I actually wear out.

8 May: Discovered that my credit card had been charged twice while extracting money from an ATM in Ubud. I spoke to my bank and they confirmed a technical error. I sent papers for a reclamation and got the money back.

In other words, not too much to worry about… Still, the only place I have been exposed to something really uncomfortable was that I was robbed by some teenagers with knifes. But that was in my hometown and in the company of a good friend. So I guess you will never know when bad things come around.

“Walter Mitty: To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.”
/James Thurber

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