So long and thanks (for all the fish)

So long and thanks (for all the fish)

Nothing in this world is permanent and neither is this blog. After having traveled for almost two years, I will now be stationary in Sweden for quite a while and I have decided to stop writing here.

A short sum up
To summarize two years of both big and small adventures is of course not possible in a short paragraph. I will not even try. Some of the happenings I have experienced are here in the blog, others are just in my memories. But below are a few valuable lessons that I have learned during this time.

  • How the feeling of discomfort, fear and loneliness before my first train ride in India turned into laughter, a sense of belonging and a wonderful train journey. => I learned that a lot of scary things are just in my head.
  • How surprisingly easy it is to end up in amazing places with interesting people as long as I trust my gut feeling and do thing I want to. => I learned that I don’t need to have a plan in order to experience great things.
  • How much I cry every time I leave an animal shelter and how it breaks my heart that I cannot take one of the beautiful souls with me. => I learned that I love them so much and one day I will show (at least) one rescued dog what having a proper home is like.

To be who I am
A few people have asked me how I will explain this two year long gap in my CV. To answer shortly, I don’t see any gap. Everything I do shapes me into who I am, and this have been two amazing years in my life from which I have learned a lot. Things that I never could have learned working in an office. I am so grateful and proud that I had this possibility and that I took the opportunity to do something different. For me, there is nothing to explain or hide. I totally own this part of my CV. Because if following your heart doesn’t count for something, then what kind of lives are we living?

A massive thank you to all who have read my blog and of course to everyone who, in any way, shared my life for a bit. This blog will stop for now but the adventure of my life goes on. I am still on my way. Love to all.

“Don’t let the noise of other peoples opinions drown out your own inner voice.”
/Steve Jobs

P.S. If you have read the book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and consider that this has been my 42nd year, the title of this post is really funny. If you haven’t read the book, you won’t understand. But that is ok too!

P.S.2 Photos in this post are from: a view point on Mt Rinjani trek, cliff formations in Nusa Penida (both Indonesia), animal care at a shelter in Kathmandu and a trekking trip to Mardi Himal base camp (both Nepal).

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