Swedish summer

Swedish summer

It can be cold and rainy, it can be warm and sunny, but I think the one thing that is 100% sure is that it is quite unpredictable. The Swedish summer. I was reminded of this the very first day back in my hometown of Gothenburg. When I landed in the morning it was rainy and a quite chilly (around 15 degrees). Later the same day I was sunbathing in my bikini at my family’s summer cabin (in the picture) and in the evening it was time to put a jacket back on again and have a warm cup of tea inside.

My feet on Swedish soil
I still have more than six month left on my one year leave from work but I had decided since some time ago that I wanted to be in Sweden for early summer for a family gathering. As my family members all live in different locations, it is not so often we are all in the same place. And it is nice when we all can spend some time together. June will therefore be dedicated for Gothenburg and to meet some family and friends here. What will happen next is still in the planning stage (I haven’t decided yet but have a thousand or so ideas) but I do think it will involve more nature. I just like nature. A lot.

I am hoping for a good summer this year, but as always there is no way you can know in advance. And for the quote of this post, you could easily exchange “life” with “Swedish summer”.

“My mama always said, life was like a box of chocolates. You never now what you’re gonna get.”
/Forrest Gump

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