These are a few of my favorite things

These are a few of my favorite things

I have been traveling in different ways for quite a while now and it is interesting how you learn to appreciate the small things. And now I mean physical things, so this blog post will be a bit materialistic. Without further ado, here are a few of my favorite things! (All of them getting very close to retirement.)

My handbag
Bought in Sweden in December 2016 before I headed to Thailand, it has been with me almost every day since. It has good pockets for organizing my things (those of you who know me well understand why this is important) and the size is perfect both for carrying not-a-lot and for loading it up with water bottle, snacks, scarf, laptop and more. Unfortunately the lining collapsed in India but that was easily fixed by a tailor on the street (the new piece have a different color, but I am ok with that).

My flip flops
Bought in Ubud, Bali in April 2017 when my old pair was worn out. I tend to get a blister at a specific spot if I walk in them for long distances but for general daily use they are excellent. An odd fact is that I learned to wear flips flops as late as 2015! I used to hate feeling that thing between my toes but now I think it is an amazing type of shoe. Not so useful in Swedish climate though.

My sun glasses
Picked up this cheap pair from one of the markets in China when I lived there. Started to use them at the same time as my bag. One of the ear pieces got a crack and fell of in Ubud April 2016. First I was a bit sad because I really liked my glasses and didn’t want to let go. Then I realized that if I just filed the sharp edge that appeared when they broke I could continue to wear them! No one notice that there is a piece missing behind my ear anyway.

My bikini
The bikini I originally brought with me to India got ruined as a friendly little mouse in my room (a quite open bamboo hut) got a bit too friendly with my swim wear. So I got this colorful pink bikini in Goa sometime in December 2017. It has been used a lot. It did have a strong hot pink color to begin with, but now it has faded to a more gentle baby pink. But still going strong.

My charging cable
I don’t know when I originally got this but already in the beginning of my India trip I noticed that the protective plastic cover was split open in one end. I covered that up with duct tape in December 2017 and the cable has continued to be a faithful companion for a long time. However, recently I noticed that the same thing had happened also in the other end. I think the time has come to change to my backup cable. This old cable will be left and buried on the island.

The pink flower
Just kidding… It is only there for decoration. =)

“Collect moments, not things.”

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