Why I brought a hat to Thailand

Why I brought a hat to Thailand

I have left Chiang Mai and gone even further up north in Thailand. After a four hour bus trip from the busy city of Chiang Mai I jumped of in the small village of Soppong (which is between Pai and Mae Hong Son for you who have been in the area). From Soppong I took a motorbike taxi further to the even smaller village Ban Tham Lod about 10 km from the border to Burma/Myanmar. Surrounded by forest lies the relaxed place Cave Lodge where I am staying.

How to find a good place to stay
Sometimes you find a place to stay by reading in a guidebook or the internet. Sometimes you just find a place that you see along the road where you travel. But the best ones are usually by recommendation by other travellers. The Cave Lodge belongs to the later category. I got this place recommended by the inspiring couple Shannon and Mike who I met at the Elephant Nature Park and who are touring the world on motorbikes. A great recommendation from great people!

And what about the hat?
The northern part of Thailand have a completely different climate to that of the islands down south. Up here it is mountains, forests and caves. In winter time the days are warm with temperatures between 25-30 degrees but the nights are cool. You might even say that they are cold. In the picture of this post it is early morning and 12 degrees. I am wearing double trousers together with socks, a fleece jacket and my hat. I would not want to be without my hat. It is not always warm in Thailand.

“Keep calm and stay warm.”

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8 thoughts on “Why I brought a hat to Thailand

    1. Jag blev oxå lite sugen. Att se alla de där packväskorna fick mig att vilja organisera in alla prylar… =)

  1. Great to read your blog Emma! Good luck on your year and I’m so glad that we met at ENP….it’s such an inspiring place. It has been one of the greatest highlights of my trip. I’ll follow your adventures in 2017 … have fun!! Jane

  2. Hej Emma!
    Så härliga bilder och fina beskrvningar!! Har lärt mig en del om elefanter jag inte visste om.
    Take care! Pernilla

  3. Hej Emma
    Verkligen kul att läsa om dina äventyr, ta hand om dig och njut av frihet och härligt väder /

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